Sunny Leone is a Sexy Business Woman

Sunny Leone plays a sure and cheeky businessperson in Beiimaan Love. Featuring Rajneesh Duggal, the hot thriller is coordinated by Rajeev Chaudhari.


sunny Leone raises the temperature on screen at the end of the day with her radiant romantic tale, Beiimaan Love.

Depicted as a dim romantic tale, on-screen character Sunny co-stars with Rajneesh Duggal.

The suggestive thriller coordinated by Rajeev Chaudhari even stars Sunny’s genuine spouse, Daniel Weber, who makes his acting introduction.

Beiimaan Love takes after the tale of Sunaina Verma (played by Sunny Leone) a businessperson, who arrangements to deliver retribution from business big shot KK Malhotra after she is offended by the last mentioned. She pledges to monetarily demolish KK.

Then again, KK Malhotra’s child Raj Malhotra (played by Rajneesh Duggal) experiences passionate feelings for Sunaina.


Stuck amongst heart and her head Sunaina winds up in a tight spot.

In any case, things take an intriguing turn upon the arrival of the engagement of Raj and Sunaina. Will Sunaina be effective in her reprisal or will she take after the way of her heart? Watch Beiimaan Love to discover.

Finishing about four years in the Bollywood business, Sunny Leone is known for her ‘beautiful sight’ parts.

In any case, with her late arrival of Beiimaan Love, executive Rajeev Chaudhari trusts this is her most effective part yet: “I was persuaded that Sunny can act in an intense part this way. She is a genuine and astute lady under her bubbly outside.”

He includes: “She has not been thrown inverse a saleable legend till date. However, she draws the underlying numbers. Likewise, our film’s effective subject will have any kind of effect.”

Known as one of the notorious couples of Bollywood Sunny Leone and her better half Daniel Weber are dependably in the news for their lovable off-screen love.


The film was at first anticipated that would discharge before in 2016 however was pushed ahead to October. A questionable difference supposedly rose amongst Sunny and Rajeev.

On the off chance that late reports are to be trusted, her better half wasn’t excessively content with the closeness amongst Rajneesh and Sunny.

He obviously needed to change Sunny’s “glitz doll” picture, especially after any semblance of Mastizaade and One Night Stand and needed her to stay with Indian outfits.

Rajeev purportedly told Mid-Day: “The twosome is experiencing a mental dread and film industry fear. Sunny’s past excursions have not fared well.

“In the wake of seeing the unpleasant cut, they needed me to slash off cozy scenes between the performer and Rajneesh. Daniel guaranteed that he had contributed his bit by patching up Sunny’s movies on the altering table.

“In any case, Daniel demanded that we execute the scenes in the front room or kitchen with Sunny wearing Indian outfits. I rejected lastly, oversaw without the scenes,” Rajeev apparently included.

Lead performing artist, Rajneesh Duggal additionally protected the film when addressing The on-screen character demanded that Beiimaan Love was more than simply sex:

“The story is naturally new. It demonstrates a family, including my dad, grandma, sister, mother, and brother by marriage. On the opposite side, they’ve demonstrated Sunny and her mum.

“And after that, whatever contention comes to pass between them is appeared as an altogether different romantic tale. Desire, love, eagerness, sense of self, and requital frame the central focuses around which the story rotates.”

Sunny Leone movies are known for their superb music soundtracks. Beiimaan Love is the same. The collection highlights Raghav Sachar, Ankit Tiwari and Sanjeev-Darshan with eight tracks altogether.

‘Embrace Me’ is a run of the mill Bhangra track with western beats and ‘Blemish Gaye’ has pleasant sweet low-recurrence beats. ‘Rang Reza’ sung is a longing feeling befitting the tune, while guitar devotees will love ‘Fundamental Adhoora’ and its stone recesses.

The restricted advancement for Beiimaan Love may hurt the film’s prosperity at the Box Office. Numerous commentators feel that the chief and wholesalers should do significantly more to catch the gathering of people’s consideration.

So might you want to catch this sensual thriller? Beiimaan Love discharged from October 14, 2016.