Stories of Young Indian Women Who Started Changing Lives While Still in Their Teens

Transversely over India, young women are logically driving and drawing in gatherings through their inventive work. From making free normal wigs for development patients to showing street kids, these beyond any doubt young ladies are using their strength and creative ability to ensure that India sees a brighter future. They may be energetic, yet their vitality for having any sort of impact would rouse even the worry warts!

Here are 5 stories of energetic Indian women going out on a limb and changing presences of people close and far. Induce arranged to be flabbergasted and animated by these champions of advance!

1. Meera Sharma – Off with their tresses, for sickness!


Meera Sharma runs Tangled, an affiliation that gives characteristic wigs to women fighting danger. It started when Meera found that honest to goodness hair wigs for tumor patients were prohibitively expensive (as high as Rs. 30,000) and that built wigs were irksome and amazingly uncomfortable. As the chairman of the Rotaract Club of Women’s Christian College, Chennai, Meera dealt with this.

Nearby her conferred aggregate at the club, Meera started by giving her own specific hair for the cause. Next, they united with the salon chain, Green Trends, and a wig-maker, Raj Hair Intl. Pvt. Ltd, who assented to make trademark hair wigs for them at a cost of Rs. 4,500 for each wig. These wigs are then scattered to no end to the underprivileged development patients of the Cancer Institute. The cost of wig-creation is borne by the supporters whose liberal duties make this possible. Today, Tangled is working transversely over India to give free, characteristic wigs to threat patients and help their dauntlessness.

2. Anjali Chandrashekhar – When a brush is mightier than the sword!


An attempting present day organizer with energy for painting and model, Anjali Chandrashekhar was just 16 when she raised resources for causes, for instance, customary fiascos, adolescent mistreat, and recuperation of underprivileged children through her inventive appearances. In 2008, she used her masterpiece to raise around 3 lakh rupees at an International Diabetes Charity and used that money to give insulin and pharmaceutical to various poor diabetic children. She also won the third prize at the United Nations Poster for Peace Contest for her neutralization blurbs, Break Free and Cutting a Peace Deal.

A firm lover to the thinking that workmanship transcends limits of age, tongue and capability, 22-year-old Anjali has been working discreetly on her overall social wander, Picture It, for more than 10 years. Through it, she has been using her forte to raise stores for various prosperity, caring and natural causes.

3. Avani Singh – A rickshaw of trust!


A Delhi young woman, Avani built up Ummeed, a program that trains women from the ghettos of Delhi to wind up taxi and rickshaw (electric rickshaws) drivers, when she was just 17. She started this movement with a single electric rickshaw, gave by the area producer, Green Wheels. To find a driver, Avani collaborated with the Delhi-based NGO CEQUIN to put out a call for volunteers in the Jamia zone of the city. A little while later, she had her first e-rickshaw driver, Kohinoor, who was captivated by the open entryway.

Today, Ummeed is giving various women a way to deal with increase both a living and a level of physical and social flexibility that was at that point about impossible. Other than get ready underprivileged women to drive, it similarly surrenders and keeps the e-rickshaws.

4. Varsha Varghese – For the love of words!


It was Varsha Varghese’s friendship for books and her experience as an indicating volunteer in Make A Difference (MAD) that made her begin The Wordsworth Project. Close by school batchmates, Priyanka Roychowdhary and Rahul Sreekumar, Varsha upgraded vernacular competency in children. The trio determinedly assumed that since vernacular is the medium through which all subjects are told, better lingo capacities would particularly provoke to better learning comes about.

The Wordsworth Project endeavors to make natural examining spaces in low resource schools and learning centers, by equipping them with books cooking especially to the children’s scrutinizing level. Watchful that books alone can’t make vernacular open, they have moreover enrolled and arranged volunteers who indicate kids crucial semantic use through natural activities. The volunteers in like manner layout particular progress of each youth’s progress to help the gathering separate the consequence of their attempts and make the crucial steps.

5. Rashi Anand – A predominant immaturity for street kids!


Seeing the issue of children in the city of Delhi obliged Rashi Anand to have any sort of impact in their lives. Focused over how unprotected these kids were to abuse, Rashi set up Lakshyam, a NGO working for street and underprivileged children in Delhi when she was just 18. Her next walk was to set up a Toy Library program that gave pictorial books and informational toys to street kids. Till date, this program has given books and toys to more than two lakh underprivileged children in India.

Today, Lakshyam has developed a couple schools (called Sakshyam) for street kids in the ghetto domains of Delhi. The affiliation similarly coordinates workshops with street kids under flyovers, in red light ranges and at railroad stations to give key direction and make care about issues like solution obsession. By virtue of Rashi’s attempts, Lakshyam has in like manner extended its work to states like Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The larger part of us maintain an eagerness however few make a translation of it decisively. These 5 young women didn’t just dream about having any sort of impact, they furthermore collected a reasonable social meander around a cause they were lively about. Old or energetic, these decided specialists are an inspiration to each one of us!