Salman’s bodyguard reserved for charged attack

Salman’s bodyguard reserved for charged attack

Performing artist Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera has been reserved for professedly ambushing an associate at D.N. Nagar in rural Andheri, police said on Wednesday.

The episode occurred on Tuesday night after Shera got into a fight with the complainant on Link street, with whom he likewise had a warmed contention before via telephone, senior police controller Dhanaji Nalawade of the D.N. Nagar police headquarters said.


The quarrel turned revolting when Shera purportedly beat up the complainant.

In this manner, the complainant drew closer the police headquarters and documented a protestation after which Shera was reserved under area 323 (discipline for intentionally bringing on hurt) and 326 of the IPC, the reviewer said.

The complainant has been hospitalized in Andheri.

The purpose for the squabble is not yet clear. Likewise, no capture has been made so far for the situation and further test is in progress.