Reliance: Jio 4G may stay free until March 2017

A week back it was represented that Reliance Jio will end its Welcome Offer on December 3 after a TRAI arrange. Besides, that is up ’til now occurrence. Regardless, there is also a plausibility that Reliance may comprehend some way to deal with extend the free offer, if that is the thing that the condition demands. According to another report, Reliance Jio has instructed examiners that it may open up free data and voice calls organizations till March 2017.


“Mass scale free welcome offer could continue until March 2017 to attract supporter improvement towards the lauded 100 million check with RJio’s illustrative data esteeming at Rs130-140 for every GB,” Motilal Oswal specialists said in a note.

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As demonstrated by TRAI, a telecom overseer can’t offer a course of action with free organizations for more than 90 days. Regardless, agents at Citi Research have been evidently taught by Reliance Industries organization that there were no repressions on the amount of constrained time offers an association can dispatch.

Reliance Jio too has suggested that if the association can’t pass on the kind of organization it assurances to its customers it may be unmerited on its part to charge the customer.

Reliance Jio’s head of strategy and masterminding, Anshuman Thakur, said at a question and answer session on Thursday, “We have told Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and government that customers have gone up against issues concerning the way of organization as a result of the interconnection obstruct and they have not had the ability to welcome the organizations that they justify and what we have to pass on to them. Likewise, till we are in a position where we can pass on the way of organization as pined for by the Jio organization, it will be baseless to charge the customer.”

Thakur in like manner said that Jio does not require agree from TRAI to increase its free organizations past December.

Citi Research agents have recommended that if the issue concerning interconnection point doesn’t improve, Reliance Jio may look at “imaginative courses of action” so customers don’t have to pay until the quality advances.

Considering the dispute between TRAI’s principles and Reliance Jio’s declaration, it is especially likely that Jio may change the Welcome Offer’s name to something else and continue offering free data and calls to customers. While it may appear like a rapid trap to evade TRAI norms, it without question gives off an impression of being true blue under TRAI’s guidelines since really the association won’t offer a similar constrained time get prepared for more than 90 days.