PM Narendra Modi: Haryana little girls have made India pleased, female foeticide can’t exist here

New Delhi

Hailing Haryana as a land whose young ladies have made India happy on a couple of occasions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday insisted that female foeticide can’t exist in such a perceived state, and drew nearer the overall public of the state guarantee to secure the young woman kid.


Talking at the Haryana Swarna Jayanti Utsav merriments here, the Prime Minister said that regardless of the way that Haryana is a for the most part little state anyway it has contributed in such an expansive number of reaches.

“It is assumed that Haryana has recently agriculturists however watch the excellent achievement of agents from Haryana. People of Haryana have given their lives for the nation by serving in the military. In such a perceived state, female foeticide can’t exist. Haryana has endeavored and push to ensure female foeticide doesn’t happen,” the Prime Minister said.

Conveying his yearning about making Haryana an Open Defecation Free state in this splendid festival year, PM Modi help assume that when the method of progress begins in towns, the headway of Haryana will get an impetus.