Gandhigiri’ commends the triumph of good over shrewdness

The Om Puri and Sanjay Mishra-starrer “Gandhigiri” has turned into an argument in Bollywood. The film rotates around an exceedingly principled NRI (Om Puri), who comes back to the place where he grew up. There, he crosses way with Sanjay’s character, who receives loathsome intends to profit. Before long, a conflict begins between the great and the terrible, with one side developing the victor.


Aside from Puri’s hard-hitting execution, Sanjay’s diverting jokes are another significant highlight of the film. The melodies by Ankit Tiwari and Mohammad Irfan have likewise picked up prevalence. Puri says, “I was snared to the script from the earliest starting point. It’s great to see that another creation house is making a film this way. Bollywood is opening up to crisp thoughts and Gandhigiri is a splendid case of that.”

Maker Sudhir Jain includes, “Om and Sanjay are collaborating surprisingly. We are certain their blend will leave everybody in parts. Our own is a cut of-life silver screen, and we are idealistic about its film industry run.”