Dangerously stuffed lorries collide with the Capital unchecked, costing the city of Delhi

Delhi Struggeling with Heavy Truck

A considerable number of over-weight trucks entering Delhi burglarize the state exchequer of up to Rs 50 crore for consistently, and rank as one of the best polluters of the city’s air.


Without a standard system to research the over-weight stock vehicles at periphery checkpoints, more than 1.6 lakh trucks enter the National Capital reliably, be that as it may they go sans scot despite some of them being preposterously over-weight.

As these vehicles value a free continue running in Delhi, they contribute 64 for every penny of the air sullying brought on by road based freight action.


The disclosures were revealed in a joint study coordinated by the Delhi Traffic Police and School of Planning and Architecture (SPA).

Government associations including the police, transport office and common endeavours make sense of how to check just 600 vehicles, which is under 0.5 for every penny of the stock vehicles entering the city.


The governing body is bearing a tremendous budgetary loss of Rs 1500 crore for every month or Rs 18,250 crore a year, which is right around 40 for every penny of Delhi’s total spending arrangement.

The city’s yearly spending arrangement is Rs 46,600 crore for the year 2016-17.

Progress, if the governing body wins as to reducing releases from these trucks, the cash related estimation of hold assets from carbon credits will be to the tune of Rs 876 crore for every year.

According to Delhi Police gages, right around 80 for every penny of the trucks entering Delhi are over-weight, yet the periphery checkpoints don’t have the part to quantify these vehicles.

These diesel-gulping trucks are moreover the genuine wellspring of toxic substances PM 2.5 and PM 10 that have hit an unequaled high in Delhi starting late.


Masters said over-weight trucks speak to a certifiable hazard to walkers as they are conveying on huge mischief to the black-tops moreover making stop up and prosperity issues.

“There is no framework appear at MCD toll and periphery check shows on audit the weight of vehicles. Most of the over-weight vehicles have two stacking bills to keep up a vital separation from arraignment.

“We have proposed the assembly to set up the edge toll slows down with keen development structure (ITS) and sensors to check the weight of vehicles for fruitful necessity,” said Dr PK Sarkar, head of transport organizing at SPA.

Without a part, the approval wing of the vehicle division, on the preface of visual vulnerability, stops over-weight vehicles and charges them.

The outline was finished at 20 important section motivations behind Delhi, which fuse Rajokri and Kalindi Kunj periphery demonstrate that cook very nearly one-fourth of trucks entering Delhi.


The Capital has 121 entry centers spread across more than eight zones of three MCDs.

Of these centers, Rajokri Border on Delhi-Gurgaon portion of NH-8 handles 14.30 percent of load development while the Kalindi Kunj point on Delhi – Sarita Vihar course considers 11.67 for every penny of trucks entering the Capital.

Peculiarly, just about 40 for every penny of these trucks are not bound to Delhi, yet they enter the city without the periphery avoid course.

Delhi is incorporated by Haryana on three sides and Uttar Pradesh on the fourth side.

Thusly, the best trucks enter from the Haryana sides.

“With lakhs of trucks coming in reliably, disregarding a monstrous number of over-weight encroachment, on a typical only 630 vehicles are appropriated and 1,150 vehicles are tried every month in the Capital,” the report shut.

The low number of rebuffed vehicles can be credited to the insufficiency of measuring the greatness of the vehicles by the prerequisite wing of transport office, as most of the weight platforms are outdated or non-utilitarian.

As indicated by The Motor Vehicles Act, the fine to over-burden is Rs 2,000 for every ton for first ton and Rs 1,000 for each next ton.

The SPA has furthermore proposed presenting customized number plate perusers (ANPR) at the toll centers for intense necessity.

As indicated by the proposals, the vehicles with mostly over-weight can be allowed to take after paying the fine yet especially over-weight trucks will be denied entry in Delhi. This will help in reducing transmission in the city proportionate to 37,300 carbon credits a day.

“The money related estimation of save supports in release is Rs 2.4 crore for consistently. Taking a typical step by step development of 1.6 lakh trucks, Delhi will have the ability to extra Rs 876 crore a year,” the report said.