How a cab drivers are taking the street to business enterprise (Ola and Uber)

Desh-Videsh: Passions Make a Entrepreneur

The online taxi benefit upheaval, kindness Ola, Uber and Meru, has ended up being a help for drivers as well as for those looking for extra wage. In the wake of joining Meru as a driver nine years back, Vijay Pandey (above) now claims two autos and has utilized his very own driver.


Abhishek Sahijpal functions as a frameworks chairman at the Mumbai office of a French multinational. His late father used to work with the Indian Railways in Mumbai where Sahijpal grew up. He has a post-graduate degree from Chennai’s Annamalai University. He has a three-year-old little girl and a treat cutter white collar class life.

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Happy to Hear this Good News: Hi Drowsiness, This 8-Minute Song Will Help You Fall Asleep Tonight. No, It’s not a Joke!

Happy to Hear this Good News

You needn’t bother with a specialist to let you know that music is restorative as well as influences your temperament. On the off chance that, you didn’t know whether you ever feel low simply put on some enthusiastic music and voila! Your state of mind will improve in a matter of moments.


For some individuals, the route to their souls is through the stomach, however for individuals like me, the path to our souls is through music. Same music inclinations equivalents to best mates, get it?

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Stories of Young Indian Women Who Started Changing Lives While Still in Their Teens

Transversely over India, young women are logically driving and drawing in gatherings through their inventive work. From making free normal wigs for development patients to showing street kids, these beyond any doubt young ladies are using their strength and creative ability to ensure that India sees a brighter future.


They may be energetic, yet their vitality for having any sort of impact would rouse even the worry warts!


Here are 5 stories of energetic Indian women going out on a limb and changing presences of people close and far. Induce arranged to be flabbergasted and animated by these champions of advance!

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Facebook now gets 84 percent of its advertising revenue from mobile devices

Facebook adequately bested gags for money and advantage for its second from last quarter, yet went up against signs of push from examiners that the association’s improvement is sponsorship off.


The association continued with its incredible improvement streak, reporting $7 billion (by and large Rs. 46,699 crores) in salary in a quarter strangely, which beat the wishes of most specialists who foreseen the online person to person communication beast would make $6.92 billion. Extensively all the all the more stunning, the association’s advantages were incredibly enhanced expected with wage $1.07 per share versus an ordinary 97 pennies.

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Reporter Goswami’s daze departure from Times Now TV channel sends electronic long range interpersonal communication into a disturbance

Big Media Blast – TV Channel

The personality who routinely secludes conclusion, yet news mediator Arnab Goswami has joined thousands on Twitter resulting to proclaiming his renunciation from Times Now.


The anchorman’s shock departure from the English-speaking TV station was among the world’s top floating subjects on the web based systems administration channel yesterday, with the bigger piece of people paying tribute to his outstanding journalistic style.

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Ramnath Goenka Awards wll be distributed today in all journalism categories

Head overseer Narendra Modi will give away these distinctions across more than 28 classes for remarkable work in print, convey and web based reporting in English, Hindi and common tongues.


FROM political degradation before get-together races to a Manipur town persuade prepared to be a Smart City, from an investigative course of action on who rested in the driver’s seat as Delhi smothered on its hazardous air to a movement of reports that analyzed best corporates who are credit defaulters —


these are among the more than 30 stories that will be respected at the 2015 Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards.

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अब पहुँचेगी हर खबर आपतक क्योंकि हर खबर खास है सिर्फ पर

अब पहुँचेगी हर खबर आपतक क्योंकि हर खबर खास है सिर्फ पर

khabarspecial अब पहुँचेगी हर खबर आपतक क्योंकि हर खबर खास है सिर्फ पर