India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh says Cows are 80% human

Cows are 80% human

Home Minister Rajnath Singh has before long centered around the criticalness of dairy animals security to Indian culture.


Suggesting the tremendousness of dairy creatures in the midst of Mughal run, and drawing on intelligent studies, Singh urged states to execute stricter adherence to the precepts against ox-like butcher.


Offering the stage to gau rakshaks at a limit held in memory of those butchered in the midst of a presentation on the issue here 50 years earlier, Rajnath said, “By study by analysts in USA, dairy creatures and individuals share 80 percent of same qualities.

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7th Pay Commission disappointed to Central govt employees for poor pay, allowances

New-Delhi Updates of 7th Pay-Commission

Central government laborers are feeling let around the political force of the country for denying them their due to the extent better month to month pay and stipends.


Despite representations to the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Finance Minister, Railways Minister, Departmental heads and Committees set up by the governing body to examine the remuneration and stipends related grievances, the agents have conveyed verbalize disappointment that they have not been heard all things considered.

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Big-Story – On Anti Smoking – Don’t Smoke (Hug) the Drugs, It will suck your blood & make you a Dead…

KhabarSpecial Presents “Big-Story – On Anti Smoking”

हर वर्ष मई 31 “विश्व तंबाकू निषेध दिवस” (वर्ल्ड नो टोबाको डे, World No Tobacco Day) के रूप में मनाया जाता है. धूम्रपान का डिमेंशिया के साथ भी सम्बन्ध है, इसलिए मैंने सोचा कि इस विषय पर अपने ब्लॉग पर कुछ लिखूं. फिर लगा, धूम्रपान के हानिकारक होने पर मीडिया में अक्सर चर्चा होती है और कई व्यक्ति इस आदत से छुटकारा भी चाहते हैं, इसलिए इस ब्लॉग पोस्ट में मैंने धूम्रपान कैसे छोड़ें (धूम्रपान विरति, स्मोकिंग सेसेशन, smoking cessation) पर ज्यादा फोकस करा है:


Peoples who smoke one heap of cigarettes a day develop an ordinary of 150 extra changes in their lungs reliably, experts have forewarned. The Story presents by KhabarSpecial.


सिगरेट के हर कश में कई जहरीले पदार्थ होते हैं, और जब कोई धूम्रपान करता है तो उसके शरीर को इन पदार्थों के कारण हो रही हानि को रिपेयर करना पड़ता है. यदि व्यक्ति कुछ देर धूम्रपान न करे तो उसके शरीर को इस रिपेयर के लिए कुछ ज्यादा टाइम मिल पाता है. कुछ घंटे, कुछ दिन, कुछ हफ्ते, जितना भी टाइम व्यक्ति धूम्रपान से दूर रह पाता है, उतना ही अच्छा होता है. धूम्रपान किसी भी उम्र में छोड़ें (या कम करें), स्वास्थ्य में फायदा होगा.

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Smoking, Tobacco Kills to transformations in lung cells, claims concentrate on


Don’t Smoke (Hug) the Drugs, It will suck your blood & make you a Dead..

Individuals who smoke one heap of cigarettes a day develop an ordinary of 150 extra changes in their lungs reliably, experts have forewarned.


These adjustments in the KhabarSpecial address singular potential start centers for a course of inherited damage that can over the long haul incite to development, the study said.


The study gives a prompt association between the amount of cigarettes smoked in a lifetime and the amount of changes in the tumors KhabarSpecial.

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Good-News: Reliance Jio 4G may stay free until March 2017

A week back it was represented that Reliance Jio will end its Welcome Offer on December 3 after a TRAI arrange. Besides, that is up ’til now occurrence. Regardless, there is also a plausibility that Reliance may comprehend some way to deal with extend the free offer, if that is the thing that the condition demands. According to another report, Reliance Jio has instructed examiners that it may open up free data and voice calls organizations till March 2017.


“Mass scale free welcome offer could continue until March 2017 to attract supporter improvement towards the lauded 100 million check with RJio’s illustrative data esteeming at Rs130-140 for every GB,” Motilal Oswal specialists said in a note.

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Sex robots with genuine genitalia to arrive soon world-wide in the market Starting from Worth Rs.9 Lakhs

California: Sex robots with totally working genitalia are set to hit the market one year from now and will cost up to £12,000 (Rs 9 lakh).


The best in class time of dolls are presumably going to be hyper viable with components never watched.

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They will have worked in radiators which so they have certifiable body warmth and sensors that can respond to touch.

Matt McMullen, originator of RealDoll that will make the sex doll, said, “I need people truly develop an energetic association with it.” “I need to have individuals really build up an enthusiastic connection to the robot as well as the genuine character behind it – to build up some sort of adoration for this being.”

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Award Winning Comic Book Series at Real Story of Priya, Rape and Acid Attack Survivors are Heroes, not Victims

Priya’s Shakti, an immensely popular comic book series featuring the first female Indian superhero and rape victim, uses the image of the ‘goddess astride a tiger’ to show a woman conquering her fears.

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Ram Devineni, Paromita Vohra and Dan Goldman created the series in an attempt to raise awareness and initiate conversations about survivors of violent attacks.

Ram, who is based in New York, was in Delhi when the horrific gang rape of Nirbhaya took place on a bus in 2012. This incident received unprecedented media coverage due to the large number of protests happening in response to the government’s indifference towards gender based violence. Ram was involved in these protests too and, one day, he approached a police officer for his opinion on what happened in the bus. According to Ram.

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