Benefits Of Water Chestnut (Singhara) For Skin, Hair And Health

Water chestnut, generally known as “Paniphal” or “Singhara” in Hindi in India is a vegetable that is local to China and is very normal in Chinese families. Not at all like its name, it is not identified with chestnut in at any rate. Truth be told it is not a nut but rather an amphibian vegetable that is developed on bogs, lakes and regular and perpetual lakes.


However, it is a regular vegetable, canned water chestnut is accessible consistently. It has a place with the group of plants called sedge, a kind of mucky grass with the consumable part at the base. More than 2/third of the plant stays submerged in water while the upper leaves drift on the surface of water. The natural product or water chestnut is found under the leaves when they develop. The seed is the eatable segment of this plant. This seed has a triangular shape, is thick and white with a mellow sweet taste and flavor. The seed coat is entirely hard with 2 or 4 limit projections and must be expelled either by cutting them into two pieces or by bubbling them which makes the seed coat gentler.

The crunchy surface and crisp mellow kind of water chestnut separates this vegetable. It doesn’t lose its crunchiness on being cooked or canned. It can either be eaten crude or bubbled other than being utilized as a filling expansion to dishes. In India, road merchants are regularly discovered offering water chestnuts. They are very nutritious and additionally low in calories and fat free. New water chestnuts have twofold the measure of potassium, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin E in contrast with the canned assortments. Indian water chestnut or “singhara” is by and large accessible in dark green, red and a mix of these hues.

Medical advantages of Water Chestnut:

Other than their crunchy surface and sweet mellow flavor, water chestnuts have striking nutritious creation, making them a great sustenance source. Their restorative properties have rendered them usable in Ayurvedic and Unani frameworks of meds. Their various medical advantages are as per the following:

  1. Water chestnut goes about as a superb coolant for the body. It advances salivation and extinguishes thirst. Being cool, sweet, substantial and astringent, it is compelling in controlling free movements.
  2. Water chestnuts are an immaculate nourishment to shape part of a sound way of life. They are high in supplements and low in calories and practically fatless. A large portion of some water chestnuts contains only 0.1 gram fat. This makes them a sound nourishment alternative.
  3. Because of their detoxifying properties, water chestnuts are helpful for individuals experiencing jaundice. Jaundice patients can eat it in crude frame or in juice shape. It goes about as an incredible tonic for expelling poisons from the body.
  4. Since water chestnut contains valuable minerals like iodine and manganese, it helps in keeping up legitimate working of the thyroid organ.
  5. Being rich in polyphenolic and flavonoid cancer prevention agents, water chestnuts have hostile to bacterial, antiviral, anticancer and cell reinforcement properties. They help in reinforcing the stomach and the spleen and evacuate side effects of powerless spleen, for example, awful taste, sleep deprivation, feeling wiped out, weariness and growth.
  6. Water chestnut is successful in treating distinctive pee diseases.
  7. The concentrates of the water chestnut plant are successful in curing the scatters of sickness and heartburn. Water chestnut juice is a characteristic solution for stomach related issues. The powder gruel of the water chestnut is gainful for entrails and for expulsion of inside warmth.
  8. The powder of water chestnuts is compelling in diminishing hack. Granulate water chestnuts to make powder and devour it with water or any juice twice per day. This is a characteristic solution for give moment alleviation from hack.
  9. The use of water chestnut either in crude shape or in juice frame lightens the issue of awful craving in kids and in addition in grown-ups.
  10. Water chestnuts are simply flawless to beat the singing warmth of the summers, because of their brilliant cooling properties. They have various corrective and supplementary properties too.
  11. The juice of water chestnut is utilized to control looseness of the bowels and diarrhea and the organic products are utilized as a part of treating sore throat, weakness, cracks, bronchitis and in sickness.


  1. It helps in treating hypertension amid pregnancy and enhances fetal development. Porridge produced using the flour of water chestnut is given to a pregnant lady after conveyance to check drain. The dried seeds quit draining and treat unnatural birth cycle issues in ladies. It likewise advances mammary organ emission of drain.
  2. The juice separated from water chestnuts takes out the silliness of bile and mucus and cures plenty. It likewise builds virility.
  3. Water chestnuts dispose of aggravations and blood contaminations. They are vitality sponsors which head out tiredness and check the stream of blood from wounds.
  4. Water chestnuts are phenomenal wellsprings of potassium with one glass giving 362.1 mg potassium. This mineral is essential for appropriate muscle and neural working. It additionally directs water maintenance and circulatory strain by adjusting sodium.

Skin Benefits of Water Chesnut:

Notwithstanding their various medical advantages given above, water chestnuts can be helpful for the skin in the accompanying ways.

  1. As expressed before, water chestnuts refine the blood by expelling poisons from the body. This outcomes in the presence of gleaming and young skin.
  2. Water chestnuts are compelling in treating conditions like measles. Water chestnuts bubbled in water makes a superb answer for measles patients. Having this drink all the time for no less than 6-9 days of the cycle gives incredible results.
  3. A glue produced using powdered skins of water chestnuts can be connected on the swollen zones of the skin for alleviation.
  4. Water chestnut seed powder blended with lemon juice cures skin inflammation if connected routinely.

Hair Benefits of Water Chestnut:

Sound, glossy and harm free hair is something that every one of us wish to accomplish. Much the same as whatever remains of your body, your hair needs sufficient supply of supplements to keep up its wellbeing.

  1. Water chestnuts are useful for your hair as a rule as they contain certain crucial supplements, for example, potassium, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin E. Additionally, they expel poisons from the body that can harm your hair too. Consequently, their nourishing quality has a ton to add to sound hair.