Afghan Girl’ of National Geographic popularity captured in Peshawar for imitation

Well known ‘Afghan Girl’ after a Nat Geo photograph has been captured in Pakistan for fashioning a character card. Sharbat Bibi had both Pakistani and Afghan ID cards in her ownership.

The celebrated ‘Afghan Girl’ is a photographic representation by columnist Steve McCurry which showed up on the June front of National Geographic in 1985, and has been connected to Leonardo da Vinci’s composition of the Mona Lisa too.


After the acclaimed photograph, Sharbat Bibi got to be meaningful of exile emergency in war-torn Third World nations.

As indicated by a Dawn report, she has been captured by Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) for the phony of a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), the FIA sources said.

Sharbat Bibi has both Pakistan’s and Afghanistan’s ID cards which now have been recouped from her home, FIA sources said. She has been charged under Section 419, 420 of the Pakistan Penal Code and Section 5(2) of Prohibition of Corruption Act.

The officer who issued the ID cards to Sharbat Bibi is right away filling in as a delegate magistrate in traditions. In any case, he got the ‘safeguard before-capture’ to keep away from confinement for the situation.

A year ago, NADRA issued three CNICs to Sharbat Bibi and two other men. These two men asserted to be her children and the issuance of CNICs were in infringement to the guidelines and techniques of NADRA.

NADRA’s carefulness office and a FIA official rejected the data gave on the NADRA shape as fake and the FIA official soon requested cancelation of CNICs of Sharbat and her affirmed children.

Shape points of interest claim that Sharbat Bibi had two children yet the authorities kept up that she has two girls and two-year-old child.

The authority likewise said that her relatives exhibit at the given deliver have declined to perceive two people recorded in her frame as her children.

A request has been propelled with NADRA authorities for issuing CNICs to remote nationals without appropriate and honest to goodness documentation.