Aditya Pancholi Gets 1 Year Jail For Assaulting Neighbor

Mumbai – Updates

A nearby court today indicted Bollywood performing artist Aditya Pancholi and sentenced him to a year in jail for attacking his neighbor.


“The nearby officer’s court at rural Andheri has sentenced (Mr) Pancholi for attacking and criminal terrorizing”, a senior police official said.

Judge Amitabh Panchbhai in the wake of sentencing Mr Pancholi discharged him on the safeguard of Rs. 12,000.

As per police, Mr Pancholi hit his neighbor Pratik Pasrani and supposedly broke his nose at their working in 2005.

The police had said that Mr Pancholi’s visitor had stopped his vehicle at the space reserved for Mr Pasrani at ‘Perfect work of art’s Apartments in rural Versova.

Mr Pasrani protested it and requested that the security staff clear the vehicle taking after which a quarrel broke between the twosome and the on-screen character ambushed Mr Pasrani, they had said.

The police at first enrolled a non-cognizable case yet the restorative examination uncovered that Mr Pasrani’s nose was broken, so the police enlisted an instance of heinous hurt and criminal terrorizing.