Mumbai: Shame the people, Rape of a 13-year-old student in Ashram school Buldhana

MUMBAI-MAHARASHTRA: State-run tuition based schools, under scrutiny for stunning dismissal of understudies, continue reporting bona fide encroachment, the latest being the strike of a 13-year-old understudy in Buldhana. The scene was represented at an ashram school in Khamgaon tehsil. Going by early on reports, more young women may approach with protestations of assault.

Buldhana SP Sanjay Baviskar said, all things considered, it has been developed that a young woman was attacked by the school sweeper, Ittusingh Pawar. “We are not sure over the amount of young women ambushed or sexually bothered, we have drawn in the watchmen to approach and give us honest information with the objective that we book the blameworthy gatherings. Pawar has been charged for strike and criminal trap,” Baviskar said.

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