11-year-old Aniket experiences Myelodysplastic disorders a gathering of diseases (Cancers), Please help him

11-year-old Aniket experiences Myelodysplastic issue a social event of afflictions in which youthful platelets in the bone marrow don’t make or persuade the chance to be sound blood cells.His family hails from West Bengal. Arjun used to work in an affiliation prior yet it close down and he is beginning now out of an occupation. Sujitha is a homemaker and Aniket is the couple’s singular tyke. It was in 2014,Aniket who was in class 4 was set out to have this condition. He quit going to class and it is in barely a second 2 years, since he went to class.

Pharmaceuticals For 2 Years Didn’t Help

 Aniket has been experiencing treatment for his condition since 2014, when he was in Class 4. He quit going to class when treatment began and hasn’t gone as far back as two years. The ace had at first put him on one and just drug, which cost Rs. 22,000 a month. In any case, pharmaceuticals didn’t help, so he now needs a bone marrow transplant. Arjun is a half match to be a supporter.

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