Love Attractions: This 16-year-old young lady has more than 3000 photos of Virat Kohli

Indian Test captain Virat Kohli stuns on the ground as well as off the ground for his fans and this Indore young lady is the same with regards to fascination to the cricketing star.


16-year-old, Khushbu is “infatuated” with Kohli and holds a kind sized gathering of 3,000 photos of the cricketing star as proof of her fixation on him.

The young lady is so beguiled to the Team India batsman that she disregarded her own birthday and began commending it on November 5, the day when Kohli was conceived.

Khushbu began enjoying Kohli since she was ten and started gathering his photos.

These photos incorporate Kohli’s youth minutes, his family pictures, his records, his exhibitions, hones, his trademark tattoos, haircuts, his item supports and his light

minutes with kindred players and bolster staff.

With her most loved cricketing star arriving in Indore for the third test, the youth is endeavoring all endeavors to meet her saint in any event once.


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