12-year-old had impregnated the 18-year girl and now got the baby girl


Kalamassery police headquarters have enrolled a collection of proof against a 12-year-old child and a private specialist’s office here after a 18-year-old young woman delivered a tyke.

While the child was saved under Section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act for professedly impregnating the young woman two months before she turned 18, the recuperating focus was charged for breaking the POCSO Act by not prompting the police.


Denying any wrongdoing, mending focus powers said the young woman was 18—and hereafter not a minor—when she moved nearer them and began conceiving an offspring and .

The recuperating office said it taught the Childline once the energetic mother’s relatives instructed that a 12-year-old child had fathered the baby young woman.

“Other than reporting the case, all records with respect to the young woman was offered over to the Childline not long after she was discharged on November 4, facility sources included.


Childline volunteers, meanwhile, were suspecting that whether the 12-year-old had impregnated the young woman.

“The mending office powers had taken after the tradition and instructed us about the event on the morning of November 2. We forewarned Thrikakara ACP about the event,” said Father Tomy SDB, official of Childline, Kochi.

Kalamassery circle regulator Jayakrishnan said the young woman had considered a posterity in the specialist’s office the earlier night they were informed.”As per Section 18 of the POCSO Act the specialist’s office ought to light up us speedily. The contention was enlisted against the facility for fail to do all things considered,” he said.

At that point, Childline and tyke welfare commission powers said it was not compulsory to prompt the police. The information could be passed on to any association recorded under the Juvenile Justice Act.

The grandparents of the energetic mother later went to a sitting of the child welfare commission and gave over the newborn child to the board, saying they were not set up to bring her up. The board sent the infant youngster to its care center.