क्यूं अदभुत है ये शिव मंदिर और क्या है इसमे खास….

As indicated by the Shiv Puran Bhima Shankar Jyotirlingam is in Kamroop. Subsequent to seeing noteworthy and profound books, it is known as the place of Bheem Shankar Jyotirlingam. The explanation behind this is in the wake of looking to a large portion of the otherworldly books we come to realize that this place was known as Kamroop.


In Mahabharata time this place was otherwise called Dakini. This was the reason Adi Shankaracharaya has delineated the place by saying “Dakiniyam Bhimashankaram”. Its presence is likewise depicted by Kalidas in his “Raghuvansh”. Subsequently we need to trust this is the Kamroop Desh. The explanation behind the name Dakini is the woods which has gone from Saharanpur to Nepal comprised a Hidimba named demon which took birth in Dakini Yoni and got hitched with the triumphant PandavaBhushan BheemSen. She was a Dakini yet as she lived in a demon act she was known as a Devil.

The lingam of this sanctuary is expansive and touching the entire ling with two human hands is inconceivable. This sort of lingam is not present in whatever other part of the nation. It is trusted that it rises and till now it has achieved second floor. In the wake of seeing numerous realities we can say this sanctuary was worked around 302 Promotion. It incorporates a BharavNath sanctuary and a Kund known as ShivGanga Kund; before this kund is the stream Kosi. West is a sanctuary of Maa Jagdamba Bhagwati Balsundari, and consistently in month of chaitra a colossal reasonable is sorted out here.

A place known as kila portrays the noteworthy nes of this sanctuary. This is the kila where Master Dronacharya offered instructing to Kaurava and Pandava Master dronacharya inspired Bheemsen to recreate this sanctuary which later was known as Bheem Shankar. Shravan Kumar rested here. West to this kila is Dronasagar which was additionally worked by pandavas for their master Dronacharya. The lingam is excessively fat so individuals here named it “Moteshwar Mahadev”.

Shree Moteshwar (Bheema Shankar) Mahadev is viewed as one of the 12 Jyotirlinga of Master Shiva. Data about this sanctuary is likewise alluded in Mahabharat

Shiv Manokamna Kund is nearby the temple.

There is a Bhimashankar Sanctuary close Pune in Maharashtra, which was additionally alluded to as Daakini nation and considered as one of the Jyotirlinga. Bhimshankar sanctuary close Guwahati, Assam is the jyotirlinga as indicated by Sivapuran. As per “Linga Puran”, Bhimshankar Sanctuary at Bhimpur close Gunupur of Rayagada Distrist in South Orissa is discussed as one of the Jyotirling, which is at the western part of the blessed Mahendragiri Mountains and at the waterway.